Freie Christengemeinde
June 2010

The Freie Christengemeinde stands amid an industrial estate on the outskirts of Wunstorf in Germany. Immediately inside there is a cloakroom and a bookshop packed with Christian literature, CD's and even (what would Jesus do) jewellery. Further down the hall are some double doors leading into the main room where a large cross stands with its top only inches from the ceiling, very different to the vast churches of more established Christian faiths.

The service is led by an enthusiastic preacher and backed by an in-house band, throughout the worship the believers often speak in tongues as they experience Jesus personally, jumping up and down in time to the music.

Afterwards everyone moves outside to a small temporary pool round the back of the building. This provides a place in which to perform the baptisms of the new members.

These photographs show the process of 'initiation' and worship in the Freie Christengemeinde.

Olympus OM20, HP5, Gelatin silver print on fibre based paper