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Becoming Earthly Film Season (2021)



Stemming from participating in the Barn’s seminar series of the same name in the summer of 2020, In 2021 I was commissioned to curate a film season in and around the notion of an expanded ecological cinema.

In collaboration with the Barn and Indy On Demand I developed a programme of moving image and sound works that pushed at what we might consider to be environmental film, that work in their own unique ways to cultivate a new sense of being in the world, of changing the perception of our surroundings, and of building emotional resources in the face of the climate crisis.

Within the programme I screened works by Malena Szlam (ALTIPLANO, 2018), Emmanuel Lefrant (Le Pays Dévasté, 2015), Ben Rivers (Ghost Strata, 2019), Amel Alzakout (Purple Sea, 2020), Forough Farrokhzad (The House is Black, 1963), Rob Petit & Robert Macfarlane (Upstream, 2020), Peter Hutton (Study of a River, 1997), Eva Stefani (Athene, 1995), Jorge Furtado (Isle of Flowers, 1989), David Birchall (Pamona, 2021), Hayley Suviste (Edgelands, 2020) and Alastair Cole (Iorram, 2021).

This was important work towards thinking about the upcoming artists' film 'Wind, Tide & Oar',
which is currently in pre-production.


- Paired film screenings: PDF capture

- Barn blog: PDF capture

- Interview with artists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IW0vyx_EKU

- Interview with curator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKKAM7831oA

- In Conversation event with filmmakers Ben Rivers and Huw Wahl, chaired by Professor Anne Douglas

- Resurgence article:

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