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Everything Lives: looking at the artist as father (2016)

A 16mm film directed, shot and edited by HUW WAHL

Run time 24 minutes


My father tells me that time travels through him, before him and after him, as if he were on a platform watching a train slowly passing by. It seems that reaching a milestone in age (ninety) has brought up questions of 'time left'. But how can there be an end to anything as infinite as your own time? Part observation, part performance, and a collaboration between father and son, Everything Lives looks at how Ken experiences time in the barns where he works; the time he spends playing, the time unique to painting or the time it takes to build a whole life. This short 16mm film is an intimate series of surfaces, sounds and events that together form their subject: the artist as father.


Future Shorts summer season 2018 - worldwide

Open City Docs 2017 - 8:30pm, 8th September 2017 - Hackney Picturehouse, London

Abacus Exhibition Screening - 6:30pm, 14th September 2017 - the Bluecoat, Liverpool

Cheap Cuts Film Festival - 5th to the 7th May, 2017 - The Cinema Museum, London


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