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Helpyourself Manchester (2013)

A film about DIY music in Manchester


Run time 54 minutes


Manchester is known for its reputation as the birthplace of many famous bands, but although music is held in high regard throughout the city, the struggle for venues and the financial difficulties in organising gigs are obstacles commonly faced by those who want to put on bands outside of the mainstream context and free from the current corporate climate. Helpyourself Manchester explores the lesser-known community of DIY music in the city by focusing on a group of friends who put on bands such as Explosions In The Sky, Hoover and Enablers (alongside many lesser known national and local bands) in living rooms, basements and local venues in the early to mid 00's. The documentary uses a range of styles and cut and paste techniques to reflect the aesthetics and diversity of the DIY movement as it was, and in many ways still is in Manchester. Combining archive footage, interviews, animation and Psychogeographical recordings, the film delves into the emotions, difficulties and successes of the time, told from the perspective of those involved. As much a celebration of friendship and collaboration as it is of DIY, this documentary takes the viewer on a rarely seen journey to the fringes of music. Made by The Castles Built in Sand collective (Patrick Baxter, Simon Connor, Insa Langhorst, Huw Wahl)

Funded by ourselves

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