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Wonderland: the art of becoming human (2016)

A co-produced arts project that explores the utopian impulses of recovery


Video, sound and editing by HUW WAHL

Additional sound by LUCY WRIGHT

Sound mix by SIMON CONNOR

Run time 17 minutes

ahrc award

Winner of the AHRC research in film Utopia award


This film was made as part of a research project about the utopianism of recovery - the idea that recovery requires the daily renewal of hope. It documents artist Cristina Nunez's use of self portraiture with a group of people in longer term recovery and captures their ambitions to 'feel and be felt by other feeling people'. The research project was led by Amanda Ravetz of Manchester School of Art, MMU, in partnership with Mark Prest, founding director of PORe (Portraits of Recovery), GMRF and in2recovery, and funded by the AHRC through the Connected Communities programme.

For more info visit the website of the project

Funded by Connected Communities AHRC. Supported by Manchester School of Art.


For screenings visit https://wonderandrecovery.wordpress.com/wonderland-film

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